Family Guy

!!! I finally found Family Guy on DVD. Life is good.

Bad news, my place is filled with mosquitos (and I have no idea from where). And my ankle quite drained of blood.. but only my left.

But I have Family Guy, all is good.

For Ben

Found this, thought he might enjoy it:

You Know You're From Portland, OR When...

Two-thirds of the people you know are from California, yet there is no sun.

You can list five reasons why Starbucks is evil.

You blame everything that's not right on ex-Californians.

You remember the date, severity, time of day, where you were, and how long you were out of power for every winter weather event for the last five years.

You know what and when the Columbus Day storm was. Bonus for having been there.

You go to a coffee bar and see two guys get into a fight over who makes the best India Pale Ale.

You own more than 10 articles of clothing that have microbreweries/brewpubs printed on them. Bonus for embroidered stuff.

You can go a whole week without seeing the sun or a person of color..

You have a bookstore, coffee bar, and brewpub all within walking distance of your house.

You think downtown is scary 'cause you were panhandled there ... once.

When you drive out of town, every other guy in a pickup looks like the governor.

When you drive out of town, even the Hondas have gun racks.

When the weather gets above 50 degrees you put on your shorts, but you still wear hiking boots and your parka.

When the weather gets above 60 you replace your hiking boots with sandals.

You think people who use umbrellas are wimps.

You can recount more than five anecdotes about why the East Side is a crime-infested jungle
... OR ...
You can list more than five reasons why the West Side is a boring, snobby, white-bread suburb.

You know what it is in between the East Side and the West Side, and how to pronounce it.

You are sitting at a red light surrounded by Subaru Legacy Outbacks.

A tree or mudslide has ever damaged your house or car.

You live equidistant to a symphony hall, a winery, and a volcano.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Portland, OR.

pictures of Cambodia

Tried uploading a bunch of pictures to the picture-gallery place. Some of them uploaded, some didn't. don't have enough energy to try to reupload other pics. Tomorrow will be a fun day of in-the-car traveling around and trying to remember how not to get lost for when I make the same trip in two weeks. I already feel exhausted. The whole week will pretty much be like that, and then things might get busier.

--update: maybe none of the pictures uploaded. oh fun. hopefully will trouble shoot and solve another day.


I hear a rooster crowing (or whatever you call out) outside. Kind of an odd experience, as I generally think of rooster-sounds as being a countryside thing. ..and there it goes again.

update update

Chinese New Years is quickly arriving, a time when work stops through out China, Cheng an turns into a practical ghost town, and I get to travel somewhere in SE Asia. I'm going to be travelling to Cambodia for around a week with a friend from Cheng An and 4 other of his friends. The guy (Chris) is from New Zealand, and is actually leaving Cheng an seemingly for good. After Cambodia I return to Hong Kong where I'll try to meet up with some Amy Long and Justin (ex-roommate from first time I went to Beijing, also used to live in Austin). And after that I should have a day or two in Cheng an to try and find an apartment in the city center. And after that it's gonna be work work work.

quick update

Yo yo. things going well, though I really need to figure out what I'm doing for Chinese New Years. Might be impossible for me to get a ticket. I want to go somewhere with friends, but that's looking unlikely right now. bummer. Anybody free from the 6th to around the 15th of February and want to travel with me somewhere in SE Asia?

back in China

Yup, back in factory land. Have been readjusting the past couple days - jet lag, polluted air, having to work, the social life... Am not feeling 100% this morning - mighta eaten something that was a little off yesterday. Either that or else the OJ has finally gone bad (it's been in the fridge.. for around 3 weeks). It's also freezing cold - and the office has a noticable lack of heat (might invest in some thin gloves). Also, some of the items that make doing my job more or less possible (i.e., the new catalog, the new sales report) are noticably missing. Just gotta work around it. Am doing well overall though. Have a nice stash of American junk food, active social life, and of course, as I'm in China, am relatively rich (just got myself another blanket last night - cost me $2 U.S. -- kinda has a nasty new-blanket odor though. helps keep me warm though). Also, managed to steal a small electric heater from Tony's room (Tony - the Chinese general manager who just left to start his own business-type thing -- he's gone, he left the heater, it's mine now :-). Only sad thing is that the heater is pretty weak, but hey - what helps helps). Also, in good news, the water is working again -- had been off for around 2 days (repairing a water main or something). I miss having a faucet for hot water though - washing your hands here means risking a bad case of frostbite.

America West sucks

I'm back home in Texas. While on the flight over from, I picked up a little bug on the flight - seemed to be getting over it, which was good as my family and I were about to go the grand canyon (which we've never been too). So we get there around sunset, just in time to peek over the rim to glimpse a view of this huge yawning ditch in the middle of the earth, then head off to the hotel. I wake up the next morning feeling like shit, worse than before -- the air at the canyon was dry as heck (not to mention being at a mildly high altitude), which helped make things worse - either I had a bad cold or a minor case of the flu. Either way, for the two days we had at the canyon I spent most of my time in bed, didn't do any hiking and just had one afternoon of driving around to various scenic spots on the rim. After the canyon were supposed to fly down to Mexico - we had quite a vacation planned. However, America West decided to turn our flight around when we were 30 minutes from our destination (something about no runway lights -- apparently they could have landed the plane but then it would have been stuck in Mexico). Next flight we could get to where we wanted to go was then 2 days away (flight the next day didn't have enough seats for everyone), which wouldn't leave us with much of a vacation -- so we just ended up heading back home to Texas the next day. Which I have to admit I didn't really mind that much - as I was still sick, and being in China didn't give me much time to spend at home anyway. Really sucked for the rest of my family though, specially my mom who was looking forward to meeting up with an old friend in Mexico. America West seems to be a pretty cruddy airline -- not only did they really screw over our flight (and all the other people who were on it), but every other one of their flights seemed to be having delays (as well as them having huge lines at their check-in counter). well, whatever. We're all happy to be together - it's nice to be home, to be able to sit down, watch some US tv with the family ("Lost" - seems to be a pretty good show), and have the cat sit on on my lap. Tomorrow will probably be doing a movie and a dinner with the family. Should be a nice, relaxed day.

another whee

taking the bus tomorrow, this time on my own. Should be interesting. I'll kick up my feet and try to enjoy the downtime (make the best of the situation). Had a good time over last weekend - had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. Was staying with some of my parents old friends in Beijing - had around 20 people over in all - great food, great conversation. Also, met up with my friend Justin who's teaching in Beijing, and his girlfriend (and there's a chance he might actually start working with me). And in other news I'm pretty wiped out. uck. ::failed attempt at a decent LJ post - sorry::